Silencer with premium quality

Elaborate design.
High-grade materials.

Developing premium-quality innovative silencers calls for the extraordinary technical skill and experience of ERNST. The optimal operation and dependability of the silencers “made in Germany” are expressions of the unconditional approach to quality which ERNST pursues in all units of the company.

ERNST silencers perform quite different tasks:
They combine outstanding acoustic damping properties with optimum engine performance characteristics and contribute through the use of high-grade materials to a long life of the entire exhaust system.

Outstanding acoustic comfort

The demand for increasingly minimised noise emissions has made silencers evolve into sophisticated vehicle components. In addition to the reduction of exhaust pipe end noise, the diminishing of surface radiation is gaining more and more importance. Painstaking tuning prevents the transmission of sound through the body into the vehicle interior.

ERNST meets the request for optimal sound absorption by deliberately opting to design its premium silencers to sophisticated standards.

Meticulous choice of materials

The sheet metal innards of the silencer are heavily endangered by corrosion. Sulphuric acid, which is produced in the exhaust gas during the combustion of petrol, can “eat away” interior parts. To protect them against rust perforation, ERNST makes all critical components out of high-grade materials. Another premium advantage that pays off well.

Vehicle-specific product variety

Example: exhaust system

Example: exhaust system Maximize

ERNST offers a broad range of long-life silencers which conform to the series components in size and shape. The balanced assortment is always available from stock for a wide range of European vehicles. And ERNST steadily extends and updates its delivery programme.

Exact fits

The highly automated production at the factory in Hagen, Westphalia, ensures utmost precision for consistently accurate, time-saving fitting of silencers.

All components are painstakingly matched to the overall exhaust system of the vehicle in question and guarantee optimal positioning of the exhaust system.