Silencer with condensation free technology

Condensate-free technology.
Longer life.

Short hops (up to 20 km) and frequent starts prove to be the biggest stress factors for exhaust systems. Every time the engine starts, an aggressive mixture of salts, acidic gases, sulphuric acid and water vapour is produced. Specifically in short-distance operation, the low temperatures in the exhaust system have the effect that the moisture does not evaporate, but precipitates as condensate in the coldest part of the system, the rear silencer. Depending on vehicle model as much as 200 ml of liquid can be generated per start, and with each additional start it condenses into a highly aggressive, rust-inducing mixture.

3D view of design of a condensate-free silencer from ERNST.

3D view of design of a condensate-
free silencer from ERNST.

Example: internal corrosion

Example: internal corrosion

Example: casing corrosion

Example: casing corrosion

The consequence:
Conventional rear silencers suffer massive internal corrosion.
They rust through and have to be replaced prematurely.

Getting rust under control

Through flow-enhancing features, the condensate-free baffled silencers from ERNST prevent condensate from collecting in the rear silencer. Chambers and perforated tubing are designed so that shortly after the start the moisture is carried away by the stream of exhaust gas and blown straight out the rear silencer – even if the exhaust pipe is cold. Moreover, the systematic reconfiguring of all interior parts avoids the creation of areas of banked-up pressure where residual condensate can collect.

ERNST condensate-free silencers continue to set standards for rear silencers because only uncompromising realisation of condensate-free technology perceptibly extends silencer life.

Advantages of the condensate-free units: