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Pipe connector of inferior quality.

Pipe connector of
inferior quality.


Installing exhaust systems is like life itself: the person with the better connections usually gets the drop on his competitors and wins the struggle for customers. With pipe connectors made by ERNST you have those much sought-after connections – in premium quality!

Premium advantage: tightness

A crucial point is the structure of a pipe connector. Connectors of inferior quality often consist of a tube slotted at both ends that deforms into an oval shape as it is tightened. This effect frequently is enhanced when clamp and pipe diameter deviate too strongly from each other.

The choice of material and its thickness also has a big influence on the tightness of a pipe connector. If the material is too weak or its walls are too thin, again pipe deformation can occur during tightening.

Also pay good attention to the design of the clamp. The diameter of the screw thread determines the tensile force and consequently the deformation of the pipe during tightening. Ideal are screws with an M10 thread.

Pipe deformation always results in leakage, more than 30 l/min in places, accompanied by unpleasant whistling and other noises. Covering over the leaks caused by inferior connectors with assembly paste can have unpleasant consequences, because when the pipes and connectors are joined one can hardly keep assembly paste from getting into the exhaust system. Once the paste hardens, frequently it comes loose and is whirled around in the exhaust stream, causing loud noises. It is then that the customer will complain, and just as loudly.

ERNST pipe connectors are disposing of a double density system. Without any assembly paste the connecting points are safely sealed. The Premium-Advantage: minimum leakrate - even in case of different pipe diameters. The probability of claims is reduced dramatically.

Original ERNST premium-quality pipe connector.

ERNST premium-quality
pipe connector.

Premium advantage: long life

To make pipe connectors, and with the connectors the entire exhaust system, last a long time, one rule must be heeded: use high-quality materials! ERNST strictly follows this rule. All pipe connectors are made of high-grade steel, which makes them so resistant to corrosion and heat that they lastingly function as they should even near catalytic converters. Pipe connectors made of low-grade materials cannot stand up to these stresses.

Premium advantage: accurate fit and speedy mounting

The precision manufacture of ERNST pipe connectors always guarantees good, tight fits. Belled-out or edge-raised connector ends free of burrs additionally enable safe, easy and quick fitting. Dismantling also is made easier by the springiness of the clamping sleeves. These things improve the productivity of any shop.