Moulded rubber part
Moulded rubber part


ERNST manufactures the most common moulded rubber parts in EPDM quality. Synthetic ethylene-propylene-diene rubber has the following advantages over the natural rubber normally used:

The premium advantages oft he high-performance material EPDM pay off: time-consuming complaints cauded by porous and cracked moulded rubber parts are a thing of the past – this way garages work more efficiently and with a stronger customer focus.

6-month comparison:

Conventional moulded rubber parts and EPDM.

Herkömmliches Produkt

The conventional product already shows clear racks on its surface and the rubber has hardened from about 58 to 73 Shore (A). Noise is the inevitable result.

Gummiformteil aus EPDM

The moulded rubber part made of EPDM shows no visible damage and the hardness of the rubber stays at 52 Shore (A).