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The sophisticated design of ERNST silencers

The demand for ever lower noise emissions has caused silencers to develop into high-performance vehicle components. In addition to the reduction in noise emission from the end of the exhaust pipe, the reduction of surface sound emission is also growing in importance. ERNST is able to achieve outstanding acoustic damping properties thanks to its decision to employ a sophisticated design.


The premium quality silencers combine outstanding reliability with optimum engine performance, while the use of high-quality materials helps give the entire exhaust system a long service life.

ERNST’s premium quality silencers are greatly appreciated by dealers, garages and drivers alike.

ERNST premium quality silencers – the benefits to you:

Silencers - Ernst Hagen
  • Extended service life thanks to carefully selected materials
  • Greatly reduced internal corrosion in rear silencers due to condensate-free baffle silencers – these optimize the removal of condensates and residual moisture from the exhaust flow
  • Maximized acoustic damping thanks to sophisticated designs and complex internal structure – this is clearly perceivable thanks to the double-walled silencer body with reduced surface sound radiation
  • Outstanding workmanship with optimally welted seams that guarantee low leakage rates and prevent unwanted noise generation

Outstanding workmanship

ERNST silencers are characterized by their outstanding workmanship. The premium features include the perfect fits between the individual components, ideally defined gap sizes and low leakage rates.

To create an ERNST premium quality silencer from ideally-fitting individual parts, we combine the precision of our highly automated production facilities with the expertise of our experienced workforce. We pay particular attention to the gap sizes and the leakage rate. In addition, we precisely adapt the gap sizes at the individual silencer components to ensure that they are perfectly aligned. As a result, they can subsequently be assembled without difficulty in our manufacturing facilities prior to welding. What is more, our fitters also optimize the folded seams so that they permit only low leakage rates. This approach guarantees optimum acoustic damping.

Saving time and costs during assembly

The precision of the individual parts guarantees the optimum fit of the silencer in the vehicle. For garages, this makes the installation of ERNST silencers a highly efficient operation.

All ERNST silencers are manufactured in a production jig that simulates the conditions under the relevant vehicle. This jig queries the positions of all the individual components such as the silencer bodies, connecting tubes, mounts, etc. and then precisely positions and fixes them for subsequent handling. This prevents machining errors and distortion during welding. It also ensures that the silencer is optimally positioned when fitted below the vehicle. It does not knock against neighbouring parts or the bottom of the vehicle chassis and consequently does not give rise to any extraneous noises.


Tested safety

Like all ERNST products, ERNST’s silencers are subjected to a number of intensive tests as early as during the development process. This reflects our commitment to premium quality. The type approval of the products provides security for dealers, garages and drivers.

The design and development of new silencers is followed by the prototype construction of pilot parts. These specimens are first tested for noise emissions and the corresponding exhaust back pressure both when driving and when stationary on our internal measuring track. Our aim is to adapt the subjective tone of the ERNST silencer to that of its predecessor so that drivers recognise the characteristic sound of their own cars after leaving the garage. After the prototypes have been selected, further testing is performed by an accredited testing company that approves the test specimens after they have successfully passed the tests. Only then do we apply for approval from the regulatory authority. This painstaking testing process is used for every product in the ERNST range that is subject to regulatory approval and guarantees top-quality, perfectly-fitting products that comply with legal requirements.



ERNST: Partner to garages

When drivers frequently travel short distances, this can reduce the service life of the silencer. This problem is solved thanks to ERNST’s condensate-free technology.

How we support you:

When a vehicle is only driven for short distances, the rear silencer does not become hot enough to cause the corrosive condensate to evaporate. In such cases, we recommend fitting rear silencers with ERNST’s condensate-free technology.


No accumulation of residual condensation

The flow-enhancing features of ERNST’s baffle silencers prevent the accumulation of condensates. The chambers and perforated tubing are designed in such a way that the moisture is carried away by the exhaust stream shortly after engine start and is ejected directly – even when the silencer is cold. The technically sophisticated design of all the internal parts also prevents the formation of pressure barriers where residual condensate can collect. The result is that ERNST’s silencers benefit from considerably extended service lives.

residual condensation - Ernst Hagen

Our tip for drivers

When you visit your garage, make sure you ask for an ERNST silencer with condensate-free technology. In this way, you will be able to continue using your rear silencer for longer, in particular if you make frequent short journeys.