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ERNST repair solutions: the economical alternative

Repair tubes and flexible tubes are a smart solution for known weak points in exhaust systems. These technically mature solutions are manufactured in ERNST premium quality and can often save you the expense of replacing a fully functional component. ERNST repair solutions are the professional, economical alternative.

ERNST’s premium quality repair solutions are greatly appreciated by dealers, garages and drivers alike.


ERNST premium quality repair solutions – the benefits to you

Erst Hagen Flexteil

•    Flexible tubes
     These are available in a range of variants and different sizes to meet any installation
     requirements. They are fully manufactured from stainless steel and possess a
     complex interlocked structure.

•    Repair tubes
     These provide a precise fit for different vehicle types and can be welded to catalytic
     converters and diesel particulate filters to save you both time and money.    

•    Universal tubes
     Straight tubes and elbows suitable for use with all makes and in all situations.

•    Repair sets 
     Simple, fast solution for the connection between the centre and rear silencer, i.e. a point
     in the vehicle that is subject to corrosion.


The ERNST range

The application tables in the product brochure provide information about the ERNST range and permit the simple, unambiguous identification of the required parts. Alternatively, you can also check which parts you need using the online catalogue.


Flexible tubes for weak points in the exhaust system.

In practically all vehicles, flexible tubes form part of the front section of the exhaust system. They uncouple the system from engine movements and vibrations and are continuously subject to high loads. It therefore comes as no surprise that they are liable to crack and are often considered to be a weak point in the exhaust system.

It is therefore common practice to install new flexible tubes and this can often save the time and cost involved in replacing catalytic converters or diesel particulate filters that are still functioning perfectly. However, here too, it is necessary to remember a few points that are necessary to maintain the basic tuning of the exhaust system.


Choosing the right size is crucial

When it comes to flexible tubes, it is vital to choose not only the right length, but also the right size. Flexible tubes that are too small or are incorrectly sized can no longer optimally uncouple the exhaust system from engine vibrations and this can give rise to irritating noise emissions.


The material and design determine functioning


High-quality materials and the internal structure of the flexible tube are crucial for reliable operation and a long service life.

All ERNST flexible tubes are manufactured from stainless steel and have a complex structure. Internally, a corrugated tube and additional reinforcing corrugated hose (interlock) ensure reliable operation and a long service life.

Always the optimum solution

With its current range, ERNST can supply the right solution – whatever type of replacement is needed. The range of available products is available for download.



Fitting flexible tubes correctly

ERNST flexible tubes benefit from an extra 0.7 mm in size. This makes them particularly quick and easy to fit. The step-by-step instructions show you how to fit these flexible tubes correctly.



Repair tubes for welding to catalytic converters or diesel particulate filters

If a tube is cracked, it is not necessary to replace the entire component. In most cases, the catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter is still fully operational. The intelligent solution: Repair tubes that can be welded to catalytic converters or diesel particulate filters, for example. ERNST manufactures perfectly fitting repair tubes for each vehicle type in its characteristic premium quality. This means that they are not only particularly fast and economical to fit but also that they increase the service life of the entire exhaust system.

Universal tubes available in different variants

Universal tubes suitable for all makes are available for replacement operations. The range includes straight tubes and various types of elbow. For professional use, all the universal tubes are flared at one end and slotted. They can also be shortened to the required length depending on the application.



Repair sets for the connection between the centre and rear silencer

In some vehicle types, the connecting point between the centre and rear silencer is particularly liable to corrosion. ERNST has developed repair sets to respond to this problem. They make it possible to avoid replacing silencers that are still intact by cutting off the old tube end and welding on a new tube. They represent a fast and simple solution.



ERNST: Partner to garages

Carmakers install various types of flexible tubes in their vehicles. When performing replacements, always make sure that a faulty flexible tube is replaced by a tube of the same type.

Always fit a flexible tube of the same type

Carmakers are increasingly installing flexible tubes with knitted sleeves. These flexible tubes are highly flexible and permit large movements thanks to the finer mesh structure. The effect: Engine movements and vibrations are uncoupled even more effectively.

How we support you

With its current range, ERNST can supply the right solution – whatever type of replacement is needed. As a result, you can replace a faulty flexible tube with a new ERNST flexible tube of the same type and save both time and costs during installation, because products manufactured by ERNST always fit perfectly. In this way, the sensitive basic tuning of the exhaust system is maintained.


Like-for-like tube replacement

Reparaturlösungen Geflecht

Hard (with mesh sleeve) for hard


Reparaturlösungen Gestrick weich

Soft (with knitted sleeve) for soft


Our tip for drivers

When you visit your garage, make sure you ask for original flexible tubes from ERNST. Your garage will then replace the faulty flexible tube with an ERNST flexible tube of the same type. In this way, you can be certain that the sensitive basic tuning of your exhaust system will be maintained and that you will not be distracted by irritating noises.