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ERNST mounting technology – small parts with a big effect

Whether pipe connections, moulded rubber parts or seals – the seemingly “small” mounting parts make all the difference. Because: Only original mounting parts from ERNST ensure the premium quality, reliable operation and precise positioning of ERNST exhaust systems.



ERNST’s premium quality mounting technology is greatly appreciated by dealers, garages and drivers alike.


ERNST premium quality mounting technology – the benefits to you:

Montagetechnik Ernst Hagen

•   Pipe connectors & clamps
     Minimum air leakage rates, even when there are small differences in the diameters of the
     components that are to be connected. There are also no irritating noise emissions.

•   Moulded rubber parts in EPDM quality    
     Shore hardness individually configured to match the exhaust system, no problems due to
     porous and cracked moulded rubber parts.

•   Exhaust brackets
     Manufactured precisely to match the exhaust system and offering a perfect fit for
     trouble-free mounting.

•  Seals and sealing rings
    Manufactured from high-quality, temperature-resistant materials.

Pipe connectors and clamps with no irritating noise emissions

Pipe connectors and clamps - Ernst Hagen

ERNST pipe connectors possess a double density system. They securely seal the joins without the need for any assembly paste. This guarantees minimum leakage rates even when the diameters of the components to be connected differ slightly. With ERNST pipe connectors and clamps, irritating noise emissions are prevented from ever arising.

The structure of a pipe connector is of vital importance in determining its quality and sealing properties. Poorer quality pipe connectors often take the form of a tube that is slotted at both ends and that deforms into an oval shape when tightened. This effect is often increased still further because there is too great a difference between the diameters of the clamp and the pipe. While the position of lower quality pipe connectors can no longer be corrected once it has been chosen, this remains possible with premium quality ERNST pipe connectors. This simplifies the fitting operation.

The choice and thickness of the material also have a great influence on its sealing properties. If the material is too weak or its walls are too thin then the pipe can again become deformed when it is tightened.

It is also vital to pay attention to the design of the clamp. The diameter of the screw thread determines the tensile force and therefore also the deformation that occurs when the pipe is tightened.

Deformation of the pipe inevitably leads to imperfect sealing and leakage, together with unpleasant whistling and other noises.

Moulded rubber parts in EPDM quality for permanent reliability and functioning

ERNST’s moulded rubber parts are supplied in outstanding EPDM quality. The synthetic material known as ethylene-propylene-diene rubber has a number of decisive advantages compared to conventional natural rubber.

The advantages of EPDM:

•    greater temperature resistance at both low and high temperatures

•    outstanding resistance to weathering and ozone

•    great resistance to ageing

ERNST only uses moulded rubber parts in EPDM premium quality. The Shore hardness is individually configured to match the exhaust system.

Comparison of moulded rubber parts made from natural rubber and moulded rubber parts in EPDM quality after 6 months

Gummiformteil Vergleich

The conventional product already shows clear racks on its surface and the rubber has hardened from about 58 to 73 Shore (A). Noise is the inevitable result.


The moulded rubber part made of EPDM shows no visible damage and the hardness of the rubber stays at 52 Shore (A).

Exhaust brackets, seals and sealing rings to prevent irritating noise

To ensure silent operation without irritating noise emissions, the entire system must be precisely positioned and possess optimised vibration characteristics.

ERNST exhaust brackets are perfectly harmonised with the exhaust system and guarantee a precise fit and trouble-free mounting. The fact that we insist on high-quality, temperature-resistant materials further enhances the level of comfort.



ERNST: Partner to garages

Attempting to compensate for leakages by using assembly paste can have unwanted consequences. These occur at the latest when the assembly paste penetrates into the exhaust system.

If you have used assembly paste to compensate for leakages then it is almost unavoidable that the paste will enter the exhaust system when you join the pipes and pipe connector. Once this paste has hardened, it often becomes detached and then spins noisily around in the exhaust flow. At this point, at the latest, the customer will complain – often also noisily!


How we support you

ERNST pipe connectors possess a double density system. They securely seal the joins without the need for any assembly paste. Avoid time-wasting, costly complaints and ensure outstanding customer satisfaction from the very start thanks to ERNST premium quality.


Our tip for drivers

When you visit your garage, make sure you ask for original mounting parts from ERNST. Because these small parts have a big effect: They guarantee the reliable functioning and exact positioning of the exhaust system. Irritating noise emissions can no longer occur.