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We define our philosophy in terms of our corporate responsibility towards our employees and partners and our awareness of future generations.

As a company, we enjoy society’s trust and respect. This responsibility determines the way we act.

We see environmental commitment, economic success and social responsibility as goals of equal importance. A consistent commitment to environmental protection is an important component in our company’s long success story. We have introduced a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, an environment management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.

Our activities are guided by the following principles:


Conservation of natural resources

As a company, we are integrated in our social and our natural environment and want to contribute to the conservation of the natural world. For us, adherence to applicable environmental legislation and other requirements relating to energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency is self-evident. The prevention of environmental pollution, unnecessary energy consumption, accidents and illness takes a high priority in all our processes.

Beyond our respect for legal requirements, regulations and other binding commitments, we undertake to improve our company’s environmental performance continuously and systematically.

In all our industrial activities and in our products, we consider the entire lifecycle. For us, this means minimizing our consumption of energy, water and resources, reducing waste, emissions and by-products, and supporting waste management so that waste products can be converted into valuable materials.

Ecological, socially equitable and energy-efficient materials

We attempt to focus our procurement activities on environmentally sound, socially equitable and energy-efficient products. Where the performance offered is equivalent, we favour regional suppliers


A consistent commitment to environmental protection is an important component in our company’s long success story.


Optimised energy efficiency

We take energy-efficiency considerations into account when purchasing new equipment.

The principle of the recycling economy, borrowed from the example of the natural world, guides our actions.

In accordance with this principle, all our processes run in circuits: Waste is reused, process water is fed back into the water circuit, and when choosing our energy suppliers, it is important to us that a high proportion of their energy comes from renewable sources.

As an operator of energy-intensive production processes, we are committed to reducing our energy inputs in the long term and to improving our energy efficiency as part of a continuous improvement process.

We develop concepts for saving energy and define these as part of our strategic and operational objectives.

Operating reliability

Through the regular maintenance of our plant and equipment in accordance with a maintenance and inspection plan, we have created the foundations necessary for a high level of operating reliability and availability, as well as a stable operations management approach that ensures the improvements in energy efficiency to which we are committed.


Open dialogue with society

We pursue an open dialogue with the social groups with which we are involved based on the principle of truth and honesty. We provide regular information about our environmental protection activities.


“Our personal relations are characterised by humanity, fairness and responsibility. Our thoughts and actions are geared to the future, with an eye to the next generation.”

(Marcel Spengler, Business Manager)


Support from senior management

Senior management gives the corporate policy concrete expression by defining objectives and the strategies needed to achieve them. It provides the resources necessary in order to use the system and introduces optimisation measures within the framework of the continuous improvement process.